An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

With warm weather comes more fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, putting your pet at an increased risk of developing skin problems and contracting serious diseases. Mosquitoes transmit heartworm disease between dogs. Dogs that are not on monthly heartworm prevention YEAR ROUND are at great risk of becoming infected with heartworms. Once infected, heartworms can cause fatal heart and lung disease if left untreated. In dogs, heartworm disease can be treated if diagnosed early. If your pet has not been receiving year round heartworm prevention, please schedule an appointment for a heartworm test so your dog can be started on monthly heartworm prevention.

Unlike dogs, cats do not need to be tested before starting heartworm prevention. Although heartworm disease is less prevalent in cats, it is found in both indoor and outdoor cats in Florida. Once cats become infected with heartworms, they cannot be treated. To protect your cat from this serious disease, stop by and pick up some monthly heartworm preventative!

During these warm months, fleas and ticks will likely become a problem for your pet. Because fleas and ticks can transmit life threatening diseases to your pet, it is important to protect them against these parasites. Fortunately, there are many safe products that, if used at least monthly, will kill fleas and ticks before they can transmit disease or create an infestation. Due to the warm Florida winters, pets require year round flea and/or tick treatments. Feel free to discuss with our doctors and staff your pet's specific needs so that we may help you select the most appropriate treatment for your pet.

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